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Optical Blue Light 3D Scanning

3D Optical Blue Light Scanner

Explore our wide-range of optical 3D scanning solutions that includes our COMET series structured light systems. Our systems utilize blue light technology to capture images with high accuracy requirements in half the time it takes a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Structured light technology provides an organized data set with speeds up to 16 million points in as little as two seconds. Structured light technology is just like using your digital camera to take pictures. With interchangeable field of view lenses you can measure a large variety of part sizes with just one system. No more time-consuming targets or sprays to scan your part. The blue light technology uses a shorter wavelength to obtain higher accuracy and is less affected by ambient conditions.

Portable 3D Laser Scanning

Portable Handheld 3D Laser Scanner

3D scanning solutions collect scattered point clouds to gather data in a record amount of time compared to your traditional Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Today's 3D scanning technology has come a long way and we set ourselves apart from the rest by offering optically-tracked scanning solution. This allows for larger volume parts to be measured with a flexible work environment. With our handheld scanning technology you can measure anything from a small electronic part to a large motor vehicle. No need to spray your parts or use targets, all you need is our line-of-sight tracking system to accomplish your most challenging task.

Automated 3D Scanning - Robot-Based Scanning

Automated 3D Scanning Robots
All Steinbichler scanning solutions can be easily integrated onto a robot to create an automated 3D scanning process. We specialize in offline scanning tasks, but some inline inspection processes can be accomplished depending on the specific application. We are adaptable to many different industrial robot brands such as KUKA and FANUC. We work with these industrial robot manufacturers to streamline your process quickly and efficiently, while meeting your highest accuracy requirements with our state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology.

3D Capture and Analysis Software Solutions

3D Capture Software for 3D Scanning

Steinbichler provides both hardware and software solutions to accomplish your task. From 3D capture software to inspection and analysis solutions, we provide everything you need to obtain the results you require. Our software packages are user-friendly and comprehensive for even the most novice user. Steinbichler also partners with third-party software providers such as PolyWorks, Verisurf and Geomagic to provide you with the most complete reverse engineering solution available to fit your individual requirements.

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Webinar Archive

Welcome to Steinbichler’s informational webinar archive. Here you will find all previously recorded webinars Steinbichler has conducted from our United States office in Plymouth, MI.

“The Advantages of Portable Blue Light Metrology over Conventional CMMs.”
Webinar Date: March 12, 2014
Presenter: KR Srinivas
Webinar recording

“Capturing with Colin - Learn the benefits of Steinbichler's new 3D capture software solution.”
Webinar Date: April 16, 2014
Presenter: Jason James
Webinar recording

"Integration with Automation - Learn how to automate your 3D scanning process."
Webinar Date: May 21, 2014 @ 2:00pm(est)
Presenter: K.R. Srinivas